Pretty redhead Dolly Little would like to sell her kayak

Posted On April - 17 - 2016

I really don’t remember when I have been fucking redhead girl. But today I had great opportunity to fuck this one. Her name is Dolly and she is perfect just 18 years old girl with tiny body and miraculous innocent looking face. She told me about her boyfriend and problems with police. I knew then that I have great occasion to seduce this girl. She needed few hundreds bucks to pay for his freedom. She wanted to sell her kayak to have money for police deposit.

As usual I told her about our business: we can’t pay such money for used things because our customers expect really low prices. I can pay her only $100 but it is too small for her. She really need a money and she is ready to do everything to earn them. It is why I offered my special deal. When girls are desperate and beautiful very often I do it. In my office I telling the story about big money for sex. Most of them are ready to do it because easy money it is what they expect!

This pretty girl (Dolly Little) is just adult and make my cock hard! Form very beginning I wanted to fuck her over. I dreamed about her sweet lips, small breast and super tight pussy for my cock. It turned out that she is really desperate and need money. Without two words she agreed for my deal. Moment late she had been sucking my dick and balls! I was in 7th heaven and you can trust me or not but she was wonderful.

I had bee fucking her on desk and she had been screaming from delight. Her tight small pussy was amazing for my cock. I don’t remember when last time I have had such great orgasm. In the end whole load of cum from my balls direct went on her face. Watching her with cum covered face was amazing experience. I have only hope that her boyfriend will have more problems with cops then I can expect that she turn back to me for more money.

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