Totally useless watches of Charlie Harper

Posted On July - 3 - 2016

Wow! This brunette was really original. All about her strange accent… It turned out that she comes from France. From very beginning I have started to dream about her pussy. I have never been in France and I have never been fucking France pussy – I thought! It is why I was totally happy when she was showed me her box of watches…. it was really piece of shit! All of this stuff was fake. It only looked like branded watches. I am not sure if she wanted to cheat me or she didn’t know about it but in fact I used this situation.

Her name was Charlie Harper and she was really pretty. Ideal body of French woman and I wanted to feel how deep and tight is her pussy. It is why I offered her money for sex. She was probably in true financial troubles because she agreed without two words! Few moments later I locked doors from my pawnshop and we went to office. There she showed me her naked body, next she played with my cock a little. Finally I have drilled her tight pussy on my desk. You can trust me or not but she had been lovely screaming from delight. Her French accent was amazing.

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