Pretty chick Alexis Deen would like to sell her Katana

Posted On July - 17 - 2016

Desperate young women are the most wanted in this shop. I know that you will say that I am totally destroyed but I just love pretty girls. And you can be sure that I will use every occasion to fuck them over. This one (Alexis) was really desperate and needed quick money. All her credit cards are blocked and bank won’t give her new loan. It is why she needs to sell something to pay her bills.

She has chosen Katana. Many of you probably don’t know what it is. It is kind of sword which comes from Japan. It is very sharp and can be dangerous. The problem is that it is not original sword. It is fake which looks like original one. I have seen a lots of this type items and it is easy to recognize fake for me. O offered her very small price because it is worth nothing. She was a little angry but then I offered her some kind of erotic deal. She wasn’t shocked at all and agreed in the same moment.

We went to back office where we could have a little of privacy. I locked doors and asked to show me her tits and rest of her body. Her pussy was amazing. I asked about her name. She said: Alexis Deen. Beautiful name for beautiful woman I thought and asked to make me some show. Girl was a little wild and without any moment of thinking she started to suck my dick! It was lovely experience especially that she sucked my balls, too. To this time I thought that I don’t like it because my balls are very sensitive. But she was great in this job, really.

After this short introduction I wanted to fuck her over. In our deal no sex but I agreed to pay a little more. Finally she will get two times more that she expected. Maybe she agreed for it quickly. Sex with her was wonderful. Girl had been screaming from delight and in the end bagged me for more! Let’s check video which I have uploaded here! It is worth of watch from the beginning to the end.

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