Tattoos of Harlow Harrison make me crazy

Posted On October - 9 - 2016

This girl was really nice. Big tits, feminine shape body and lovey ass connected with long legs. Amazing, really! But the fact is that I am not big fan of tattoos. It is why I wasn’t interesting in buying her tattoo stuff. I told her that I prefer her body naked that tattoos and I am ready to pay for it. She was a little confused but few moments later we were in my office. She had my cock inside her mouths and sucked it! I was in seventh heaven… like being like an actor in xxx production. I was fucking crazy.

I told her that I will pay her more but I wish to fuck her pussy. She agreed the same quickly like for first blowjob deal. In fact needed to give her more money but it wasn’t important then. Her pussy was like best addiction! So tight and so pretty. My cock was all the time hard and ready for common fun!

I told you earlier that I am not a fan of tattoos but they added a lots of sex power to her pretty body. I was so horny and I couldn’t stop. Few moments later I was cumming on her face and she was licking and swallowing my cum. Brilliant girl. In the end I ashed her for name and for number. She said: “I am Harlow Harrison and it is my number”. You can be sure that I will keep this piece of paper with her number for a long time. Girl is number one and know what man needs!

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