Mia Martinez and her autographed baseball bat

Posted On November - 20 - 2016

Oh no! It’s so crazy but people do it! Especially young girls who don’t want hard work They prefer easy money. It is why this pretty wanted to pawn her signed baseball pat and earn a lots of money. This cash will give her a lots of time to become famous TV star. But she doesn’t know that this bat is not original and autograph is not authentic. I have checked it in few moments and she was totally angry. She planned everything in details and now she doesn’t have money to do it!

Fortunately she is extreme beautiful young girl who doesn’t have any stops. It is why she was ready to get dirty offer from me. I promised her a lots of money if she will be fucking with me. It was great because she instantly decided to do it. Quickly taken of her panties and bra and started sucking my cock. I was in seventh heaven because she had been doing it like professional slut. Her throat was so deep and probably I will never forget this blowjobs.

In next step she gave me her ass for fucking. It was so delicious, shape just ideal. My cock was so hard on this view. Girl was amazing and loved being hard fucking so much. From very beginning of drilling girl was fully satisfied. First had been making faces next started screaming from delight. After all she agreed to have her face cum covered. I am pretty sure that she will back to my pawnshop soon. Not only for money but for huge dose of pleasure, too.

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