Black Brittney White and her ugly car

Posted On July - 24 - 2016

Sometimes it is really annoying to deal with such type of clients. I told her that form few months I am out of automotive business and I am not paying for cars. But she was really desperate and wanted to make this deal with me. The problem that car was really low quality and just ugly. I couldn’t pay for it any one dollar. I didn’t want to have this car problem over my head! It is why I refused this deal but of course I agreed to watch this car. The owner was really pretty and had wonderful airbags (yes, tits) in her bra.

It turned out that she is in big troubles and she needs to earn quickly $800 bucks. It is why she wanted to sell this car so much. Woman was pretty, young and had wonderful big breast. So I agreed to give her $800 but not for car but for sex with her. She was a little shy but quickly agreed to do it. The only one thing she asked to keep everything in privacy. Girl has a boyfriend and she didn’t want to cheat him.

Before we did it I wanted to know her name. This pretty black Brittney has very nice surname: White. It was a little funny because her body was all chocolate, just I like the most. Additionally her large knockers made impression on me from very first time. After few minutes of striptease show I wanted to drill her perfect pussy. It was all black but inside was pink!

My favorite moment of our common fuck was position when she had been laying on her back with opened legs. Then I had been fucking her tight asshole and I was able to watch deep in her beautiful eyes. Her face added to our sex something special which I can;t describe. Maybe you will know what I am talking about after watching attached video. Starring: Brittney White.

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