Smantha Parker would like to sell her weapon

Posted On October - 31 - 2016

It was crazy but I finally did it. Girl would like to sell some kind of weapon. I like this type of items but the truth is that there are a lots of weapon. Prices are very low but this girl wanted to get really around amount of dollars. Of course I refused this offer because I am here to earn many and not loosing. But in fact girl was very beautiful and I wanted to fuck her then. I started from talk and finally I offered her some money if she will agree to fuck with me. Samantha was a lovely young woman with sweet eyes, middle size boobs and dream ass. Then I saw my cock inside it, too.

Of course I haven’t been sure then if she will be ready for anal. It is why I left it in the end of our date. First I wanted to see Samantha’s naked body, next I asked her to show me her boobs and ass. It turned out that her pussy is very tight. I tried to load my finger inside it but it wasn’t easy! After few moments of playing with her pussy it was wet and little flexible. Then I knew that it will be good day!

I asked girl to load my cock inside her mouths. Girl seemed to be like dick hungry dick because she had been doing it without any moment of break. She sucked my dick and balls in the same time. But finally I asked her to stop because I didn’t want to cum before I will try her tight pussy.

She spread her ass and I loaded my cock inside her vagina. It was really tight and so nice for my penis. I started slowly to fuck her but she wanted to do it faster. Of course I did it and fe wmoments later girl was like my erotic slaver. Pleasure for her pussy was so big that she was able to do for me anything. Then I loaded my cock inside her anal hole. Girl was in 7th heaven and bagged me to continue fucking her asshole. Fortunately I turned on all my CCTV camera and everything has been recorded. Now Smantha’s Parker porn scene is available for everyone.

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